About me

Nice to meet you, I am Shmulik, 37 years old and lives in Jerusalem.
​I have always ​had strong passion for painting, drawing, designing and creating. So I naturally chose to work in a creative field. First, I started painting art on the walls and later became a graphic designer at multiple marketing agencies. Eventually I learned web software as well as UX design and started working as a lead UX designer at  Fatfish  in Jerusalem, And in the past two years at Winsite

UX Design of Websites and Applications

From idea to final design

Kickoff meeting > Research > Create a concept > Flowchart > Wireframes > Design of screens > Styleguide and graphic stuff for development > Navigating the development team > Qa.

Each project according to the budget, time, needs and of course requirements.  Some of the projects presented included these steps and some only UX and design.